Rethinking, rebuilding, re-certification…

So here we are, 2020 off to a bumpy, yet interesting start, and officially this is my year to re-certify for personal training. Personally I enjoy the re-certification process because it allows me to refresh the knowledge I already have, pick up on new thinking in the field and educate myself in new areas. ParticularlyContinue reading “Rethinking, rebuilding, re-certification…”

IF You Work With The Truth, The Truth Will Work With You…

So the other day, after i got trapped under the bar, I got to thinking about some things. For instance I remember when my mom got crushed by her horse and I was driving back and forth from Billings to her ranch, about 70 miles the other side of Kalispell,700 miles plus one way, howContinue reading “IF You Work With The Truth, The Truth Will Work With You…”

Hiccup Lament: Time for a Reset!

It hasn’t been that long since work and I had to take a temporary hiatus. I miss my work. I love doing personal training, and I especially love doing it in person with people who might not be able to do it otherwise. People with age, health and balance issues for whom trying to followContinue reading “Hiccup Lament: Time for a Reset!”

Flexibility mindset

This morning I was grumbling in my head about being a full workout behind on my schedule. Unavoidable life circumstances and the need for equipment I do not have here at home in the basement, coupled with not wanting to be less than fully able for the workout I had planned for Tuesday but finallyContinue reading “Flexibility mindset”

Begin well to finish well.

I began the year with some dead lifts in the basement, where I was training for my second try at competing at power-lifting. The photos above were taken on Dec 30, marking the completion of my latest 6 week program. The weight is 210 which is a 30 pound gain over the year, but notContinue reading “Begin well to finish well.”