Flexibility mindset

This morning I was grumbling in my head about being a full workout behind on my schedule. Unavoidable life circumstances and the need for equipment I do not have here at home in the basement, coupled with not wanting to be less than fully able for the workout I had planned for Tuesday but finally got to yesterday just meant I had to delay a day. And remember, i made a commitment not to fill my schedule with junk work.

I felt uncomfortable with having to delay the work, it is in my mind, a commitment I made to myself. The follow-through amounts to discipline, and discipline is an easily lost companion.

The thing about discipline for me is that the closer I adhere the better I feel and the less likely I am to miss, which is why having to postpone a workout sets me a little out of sorts.

It has nothing to do with fearing I’ll lose my hard earned progress. I know better than that, and that rest is an important factor in proper recovery and long term wellness and injury and burnout prevention.

All this blather leads me to this; having a flexible mindset is crucial to resilience,

Being willing and able to say to myself, “self, tomorrow is another day, and one day more or less really makes no difference” allows me to drop the negative mindset of something lost and look for what has been gained.

I want to be willing to flex a little, in the interest of a more full life. To zig and zag where necessary or simply desirable. To approach health in a holistic and positive manner.

I hope your day is enjoyably flexible. That you make time for an extra cup of coffee, a conversation with a friend or few extra winks of sleep. That you find you blessings not to be burdens and that taking care of yourself brings you joy.

And, don’t forget to stretch… 🙂

Published by Grace Frankforter

I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, sculptor/artist, and mother. I am passionate about helping other people to have happier healthier lives, through personal training, support and motivation. I am dedicated to the premise that it is never too late to make improvements, and committed to helping you make that happen..

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