Begin well to finish well.

I began the year with some dead lifts in the basement, where I was training for my second try at competing at power-lifting. The photos above were taken on Dec 30, marking the completion of my latest 6 week program. The weight is 210 which is a 30 pound gain over the year, but not as much as I had hoped. Over the year I learned a lot more about my body, and what it will take to get where I want to be, and the importance of physical, mental and spiritual rest.

Some of the changes I made last year were to try not to add junk to my workouts, a habit to combat the feeling I have that I am never doing enough, and my work out log will show that its a hard habit to break.

To be more diligent about cardio and to track it more closely I bought a new tread mill in May and started tracking, working for 50 miles a month. By September I moved to goal to 100 miles a month, a goal I never quite hit, but with diligence came close to. Most of those miles were logged on my treadmill using the ifit program to make it more interesting, or on walks with the dog, myself or my clients, tracked by my Garmin. This mileage me a better idea of what I could do if i were consistent though not exactly pushy. And I started to run a little.

I tracked my swimming and pool time, but only because I can. I know I am not working hard enough in the water to make a difference on my physique, but I love the mobility the water allows me to achieve, and I don’t want the water to become work. I count it as rest.

I also joined the 10 week Holiday challenge at Granite, masterminded by Jenn. I liked seeing the posts by other people who had joined and feeling a part of the whole. I am sure i’ll do it again next fall.

I mostly gave lip service to eating better. Emotional eating is big problem for me, as is grabbing something on the run. To combat the latter I did more meal prep with healthy foods. I mostly cook all my food, except for white corn chips and ice cream. In the kitchen I I made changes for us all, moving mostly toward smaller potions of meat fluffed up by more vegetables. Starchy carbs I left the same, moderate portions. I do not believe in extreme difficult to maintain diets. Therefore I worked and continue to work toward conscious eating, with an eye toward cleaning up what goes on the plate.

So now I am looking toward the new year as a continuation rather than an over haul.

The only real change I will be making in my workouts is to alternate power cycles with strength and endurance cycles. The later allows for lighter strength workouts, as in heavy but shorter reps and sets, and when I do the power cycles I am going to steadfastly avoid filling the rest days with junk. In order to do this I will need to find other things to fill the time when I am supposed to rest. My over all goals are for a 200 pound bench and a 300 pound pull. I am not close to either yet, but I have a plan and I will follow that plan and for sure, I will continue to improve.

I liked the goal of 100 miles a month, so will continue that and when it becomes reality I will increase the mileage in 10 mile increments.

I will gradually make the changes in my life necessary to eliminate the desire for emotional and boredom eating. To do this I will need to plan more carefully for fueling and to fill my time with more productive or enjoyable activities than eating. Tough row to hoe, right?

I will also do more of my workouts at the gym and not just in the basement.

And I will go to more AA meetings, because I enjoy them and because I am grateful for my sobriety.

So in line with my previous post, here are some goals for my new year, coupled with a rough idea of how I plan to get there. Pencil and paper will be required to flesh them out, pencil so I can erase if I find a better plan.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Published by Grace Frankforter

I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, sculptor/artist, and mother. I am passionate about helping other people to have happier healthier lives, through personal training, support and motivation. I am dedicated to the premise that it is never too late to make improvements, and committed to helping you make that happen..

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