Goals, goals, goals

Building blocks

Have you considered your goals for the coming year? Are they concrete, reasonable and challenging? Take a few minutes and pencil them down. Don’t limit yourself or your scope. Think about all the things that go into helping you be more content with yourself and your life. Do you have spiritual, intellectual or material goals? What about your physical health? Your home life? Don’t worry about the how right now, just concentrate on the what and the why. Put them down in black and white and leave generous space after each one.

Set a timer and get it down, don’t linger too long, those things that are most important to you are already lingering within the grasp of your consciousness. Try to stay away from negative minded terms like should and must. What do you WANT to accomplish. What will bring you joy? What will set you up for the next most logical step in your progressive growth and happiness?

When you have that done, pick a goal and examine it for worthiness. Is it something you really want to do? Can you see yourself happy with the work it will take? What will it take to do it? What are the steps to get you from today to done? Can you figure that out yourself or do you need help? If you need help are you willing to get it, to ask for it? How will you track your inevitable progress? Who will you enlist to help?

Continue with each goal till you have an actionable plan, rather than a wishful list of some day maybes, or worse an obligatory list of oughtas. (yep I know it’s not really a word)

The exercise should bring hope and excitement, not dread, so keep the list short. Aim for an achievable march toward fulfillment, not pie in the sky perfection, and throughout the progress be sure to celebrate each achievement.

When you mark the final step or any goal as complete, you can then set another goal, and begin again!

I look forward to hearing how this goes for you, and I will be working on mine as soon as I finish my workout and cardio.

Published by Grace Frankforter

I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, sculptor/artist, and mother. I am passionate about helping other people to have happier healthier lives, through personal training, support and motivation. I am dedicated to the premise that it is never too late to make improvements, and committed to helping you make that happen..

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