Can you see me now?

Yesterday i had the opportunity to try something new, or new to me at least.  A few weeks ago a friend and client asked me if i had ever considered training by face time or Skype. Her reason for asking was that he did not want to miss workouts when she was out of town for extended periods..I said i had not but i knew others were doing it and that i was willing to give it a try.

So yesterday we gave it a test run.  I was happy with the result. There are some bugs to work out, lighting and camera issues mostly, but it was delightful. I am constantly amazed at how much we can do with technology.  My phone is a much more wrongful and efficient computer than my first few lap tops.. all my computers can speak with one another, and now with astounding ease i can can be in the room with someone as they train at home and see what they are doing and direct their efforts.

For me it will never replace face to face training, but it is a wonderful addition to what i already do, and i can see where it could make a real difference when being there in person is not possible, and solves the issue of giving some one a ” workout plan” and not knowing if the exercises are performed in a safe and correct manner.

I love the gym, but not everyone does or can get there, and some people live elsewhere but would like to continue training they have already begun.. So i am grateful to have found another way to help people find a path to fitness they can live with..


Published by Grace Frankforter

I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, sculptor/artist, and mother. I am passionate about helping other people to have happier healthier lives, through personal training, support and motivation. I am dedicated to the premise that it is never too late to make improvements, and committed to helping you make that happen..

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