Having a Ball, or two…

Tyler was gone on Sunday, so Gabe and I started an alternate project. Something interesting to do till he and Tyler can resume work on their cats. A lot of things I do with the guys start with things I have seen online, and this project is no exception. I just like to see a variety of materials, the more recycled the better, power tools when possible and a loose approach to an expected finished project.  After all, you can nag all you want about craftsmanship, but unpracticed hands will do what they will, and one man’s idea of finished will differ from another.

The thing about projects like this is that serial work is expected and preferred and once you show them one, the ideas become overwhelming.

All this brings us to a remarkable discover about golf balls. If you are a golfer you may already know this, but I am not, and did not. The golf balls which were donated to me by Barb Keim, are all white on the outside, so I naturally assumed they would be white to the core.

What Gabe and i discovered with the use of my drill press was that golf balls have colorful guts, and the color seems random, though I am sure it is not. Pink, orange, yellow, different shades of blue a veritable rainbow!

Now the insides ore of no particular use to us, I simply wanted a way for the boys to paint hem without much fuss, and for the critters to be stuck some place when finished. In a garden or flower pot etc.

We had an interesting time drilling the balls, conjecturing on what could be made with them, painting them, and eating some red licorice and we can wait for Tyler to join us next week!

Stay tuned for more images of our work and an at least weekly update.

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