It’s a real zoo round here

Gabe and Tyler are working on little wooden animals made from recycled materials. The weather was extrodinairly nice on Sunday, and that, coupled with an extended break from one another made for a lot of jovial messing around. More play than work, but perfect. 

I like to have a laid back approach to the lessons. Room to play, room to abandon obviously not lived projects. Room for discussion. More gets learned than you expect. This project requires planning, and listening to follow instructions. Layout, and the use of power tools and recycled bits. There are no grades and anything actually completed goes home. 

I am fastidious about proper safety with tools, reasonably on point about having THEM clean up, and keenly interested in what they enjoy and in encouraging the differences in their work styles. 

And mostly, while they work, I try to organize the studio, which is just another way of saying I stay out of the way. 

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