Somethings work until they don’t…

This is Phillip. Phillip lives next door, and he loves, loves, loves to chase a ball.  He believes in BYOB , Bring your own ball, and he just shows up from time to time. The last time he was here was Sunday before last when he showed up with his ball to torment my apprentices. We were working with power tools outside because it was a lovely day, and outside means less mess and more fun. As it was, the boys were dreading (secretly hoping) that Beep might show up. Surprisingly we did get the scheduled work for the day done, and now we are on break. Gabe’s brother had a concert last Sunday and this coming Sunday is father’s day.

The boys are working on some little wooden animals that can sit on a stable or mantle. And I wanted to post earlier and show photos, but my computer was not happy with the move from the house into the studio.

So many things depend now on my being able to use my computer that I was starting to get down and a little panicky about it. I tried everything I know and nothing was working, I invented somethings, again no positive result and I absolutely cannot afford to have anything fixed at this point.

Then yesterday  got a brain storm of the positive kind, and went and got a new keyboard and mouse. I was too busy to get back here yesterday, but today I am delighted to report that it was 40$ well spent, and a huge relief!

Now, if I can just figure out why my speakers are not happy, although I generally detest noise coming from my think box.

Sty tuned, soon there will be more news of our work here, AND you never know who might drop in for a visit.

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