Another day another precious 24 hours.

Yesterday we moved my desk and computer into the painting room/ clean room of the studio. Its been a little cranky and I want it to talk to my big printer but its refusing. The big printer is black and white and would be much cheaper for most of the printing I need to do, and I know my students would really like to have printed examples to work from.

The problem with a desk in the printing room is its propensity to collect “stuff” and I can see where it might become a large painters palette if I am not careful.

The problem with having a computer in the studio, along with my phone as hot spot does not need to be described. Lets just say, its working now, and leave it at that.

In the middle of the studio floor is a pile of stuff which in the past few months has been moved to storage and back. I would put it away except i have some major work flow revisions in mind. I think I could make the whole thing much more efficient if I got rid of a few “work surfaces” and went from there. So, onto clearer better things.

My major goal for the rest for the summer is to concentrate on using some of the materials I have to complete long ago envisioned projects. And to have a host of work ready for the kilns when fall hits. Glass, ceramic, steel, concrete, wood… Here I come.

The students will be making work to sell in an sale at the end of summer.  We will post pictures and will be taking orders. More later, my mess awaits.


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