It only looks like hoarding.

I am in the process of moving some things back into the studio which were in storage. To the untrained eye it might be hard to fathom what it is I actually do here, but what would be readily apparent is that what ever it is, i have plenty to do it with.

Though all of it is not strictly necessary, there are sound reasons why I have multiples of many things. First I lost a lot of stuff in the fire that had not yet been moved to the studio. Second is impatience. I had a habit of being in a zone, needing a tool, not knowing where it was and going after another. My financial circumstance has cured this for me. Third is teaching classes where several of something was needed sometimes in different sizes. This adequately explains why I have so many wire cutters and other hand tools, mostly. Lastly, SALES! It is hard to resist a really good on power tools, and by hard I mean nigh on impossible.

It only looks like hoarding till you need it. The trick is remembering you have it and where.

I am excited to be able to stay in my studio, and excited to share all that I am my helpers/students/apprentices will be doing in the coming months.




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